Swedbank releases sustainability report for 2021

Aug 11, 2022

Sustainability is at the heart of the bank's strategy. The recently updated bank’s vision is based on the belief that the bank together with its large client base can lead by example and have a significant impact on society. Their vision includes a sustainable society with environmental, social, financial and ethical aspects. Sustainability is an important part of Swedbank's core business, and Swedbank will continue to play a leading role in transforming sustainability.

The bank has identified 4 strategic focus areas: core business, customer value creation, operational efficiency and core principles. Find out more about each of the areas HERE

Swedbank's group sustainability efforts are envisaged in the period of a five-year plan that is developed and aimed at improving sustainability in strategically important areas. The selected areas have been identified by the bank's stakeholders, selected through impact analysis, and derived from voluntary commitments and legislation and definitions.

Doing things right - their own sustainability performance includes:

Environmental sustainability

  • Work in an environmentally friendly way
  • Financing and investing in support of the Paris climate goals

Social sustainability

  • Diversity, inclusion, sustainability in the work environment
  • Combating financial crimes

Governance & Ethics

  • Responsible corporate governance and ethics, including supply chains
  • Compliance and transparency

Financial sustainability

  • Profitable and financially stable company
  • Secure, accessible and stable infrastructure

Do the right things - the bank's impact through customers:

  • Create opportunities that enable customers make sustainable choices
  • Help companies perform the changes needed for a better future

The entire report is available: HERE

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