Sweep the river Gauja clean

Jul 29, 2014
At the end of the May around 50 participants - Coca-Cola HBC Latvia employees with their family members participated in the event Clean the Beach near the river Gauja in Valmiera which in the summer season gathers together vacationers, boaters and other park visitors. The event was organized in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund in Latvia and Valmiera City Council in a beautiful place near the river. During the day participants sown lawn, worked in the beach volleyball courts, collected waste in forests as well as a shelter for all guests in the river cost was built.

"Waters has always been one of the most important natural resources, which play an important role in people's lives. Due to the growing consumption of each year, waste in the rivers, lakes and forests is becoming a problem that affect the ecosystem. Therefore we are very glad for the Coca-Cola HBC Latvia initiative to take care of water - both organizing Clean Up events and paying more attention to the problem by educating people" said Ingus Purgalis, Manager of the World Wildlife Fund's Baltic Sea and water program.

In order to maintain long-term perspective of this initiative as the third partner in this project Valmiera City Council was invited. "Valmiera City Council supported this project because of the necessary of improvements in this river side which is a popular place for both locals and tourists who visit the city of Valmiera. In summer it is visited daily by over 200 people and we are glad to receive the support from the "Coca-Cola HBC Latvia" and we appreciate this investment in so essential questions like environmental protection" says Kristine Melece, Public relations specialist on environmental communications in Valmiera City Council.

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