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Nov 16, 2016
BIG MEDIA have joined the Chamber as a Corporate member. BIG MEDIA combines the most effective instruments for the development of the business environment - the business magazine "Kapitals", conference organizer "BIG event" and business technology platform "BiSMART". They were each individually and jointly created with a goal to facilitate the development of the business environment. Powerful brands, clear positioning, broad opportunities for cooperation.

More than 100 events organized in 5 years, approximately 40 addressed subjects, such as investments, energy, digital marketing, women in business, transportation, export ad business technologies, 900 attracted foreign and local lecturers, the attendance exceeding 20 000 visitors in person and more than 100 000 live streaming viewers.

Since its founding in 1998 "Kapitals" has undergone great changes and now is the most influential platform for business discussion in Latvia.

"BiSMART" is the best chance for entrepreneurs to learn all about business technologies. It gives an opportunity to understand the seemingly complex things, be a step ahead of the rest and improve competitiveness.

In the Chamber it will be represented by Juris Kabakovs, Member of the Board.

Go Beyond has joined the Chamber as a Non-profit member. It is a youth development program, in which participants are encouraged to go beyond their current capabilities and limitations developing personal character, social skills and improving their work culture. In order to achieve the best results, the program provides motivating environment, extensive support mechanisms which consists of knowledgeable speakers, experienced personal growth coaches and mentors.

Go Beyond was founded in June 2011 by 5 professionals, who wanted to develop leadership skills among young people and increase their competitiveness in the labor market, to improve more successful inclusion of youth into the business environment, as well as to raise the quality of non-formal education in Latvia. The program has been running for six years now fulfilling its mission - to create a motivational and supportive environment, while helping young people to develop their skills and character as well as challenging them to go beyond their own limitations. In the Chamber it will be represented by Janis Jukna, Partner Relations Manager.

Dainis Racenis has joined the Chamber as an Individual member. Dainis is representing the U.S. based company Argus Limited in the Baltic region. Along with the Baltic states, he has experience in business development projects in Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia and Uzbekistan. Previously, he worked as an Export Executive for few reputable Latvian food product manufacturers being responsible for business development of international companies as well as a private entrepreneur. He has graduated from the University of Latvia and studied business management at Riga Technical University.
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IBM Latvija


AmCham is a place to meet representatives of other industries and understand the business environment.

Signe Velina, Market Access Manager Latvia of Johnson & Johnson

AmCham provides S3 a great opportunity to connect with business community.

Agne Stojakove, Market Vice President, Country Manager Strategic, Staffing Solutions International