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Jul 14, 2023

Dr. Annemarija Linaresa recently upgraded her Individual membership to Non-Profit with Amos, a non-profit healthcare entity in Latvia centered around world-class, patient-centered, value-based, multidisciplinary end-of-life care. AMOS mission is to ensure that every Latvian who has a serious, chronic, or terminal illness with a limited prognosis can access high-quality professional hospice services. AMOS provides highly professional, competent, ethical, patient-centered, value-based, holistic, multidisciplinary hospice services. The NGO interweaves medical, social, psychological, spiritual, and hands-on caregiving support to patients and their families.

AMOS is led by a professional team with training and experience in hospice services both in Latvia and the US. They are eager to share their considerable experience and expertise for the benefit of their fellow Latvians. 

AMOS operates on value-based healthcare principles. The NGO do not only provide state of the art hospice services, but they create efficiencies for the entire Latvian healthcare sector by off-loading hospitals, emergency rooms, emergency medical service brigades, and family doctors. 

AMOS Founders and Executive Team are: 

  • Dr. Annemarija Linaresa who, before relocating to Rīga, was Chief Medical Officer for an award-winning US organization providing home-based multidisciplinary healthcare to 40,000 chronically ill and dying patients per year.
  • Dace Zušmane, Lutheran minister, certified hospice chaplain, and bereavement specialist, experienced in both Latvian and the US hospice markets.  
  • Inta Gerharde, social worker and economist who served on the board of directors for Latvia's first hospice pilot program. 

We warmly welcome Amos to the AmCham community.

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