Welcome H2YO Europe to AmCham

Oct 19

H2YO Europe,an innovative startup that is redefining refreshments for the modern workplace, has joined the Chamber as a Small Business member. The company's mission is to empower individuals and communities to prioritize their health and well-being through sustainable, innovative, and responsible drink solutions.

H2YO Europe delivers drinks tailored to individual tastes and goals (energy, focus, relax), they are devoted to top-tier ingredient quality and transparency. Integrating with wearables for ultra-personalized nutrition and hydration. Aiding workplaces, caterers, retail chains, and schools in fostering healthy habits and productivity by offering alternatives to reduce sugar & chemical sweetener use, and enhancing hydration.

In the Chamber it will be represented by Mareks Basankovics, Head of Sales.

A warm welcome to AmCham!

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NCH Advisors, Inc.


AmCham provides S3 a great opportunity to connect with business community.

Agne Stojakove, Market Vice President, Country Manager Strategic, Staffing Solutions International

Roche Latvija is pleased to be part of the AmCham community.

Rauls Vēliņš, General Manager, Roche Latvija