Welcome Kaizen Institute to membership

Apr 23, 2020
Kaizen Institute has joined the Chamber as a Small Business member. Kaizen Institute is the original and premier provider of KAIZEN™ services. KAIZEN™ means "Change for the Better". They support companies of all sizes in all market segments, providing them with a sustainable, competitive advantage. The history of Kaizen Institute began in the mid 80's. They have the longest history of consulting and training organizations around the world, specifically in the fields of KAIZEN™, Lean Management and Continuous Improvement.

They work with their clients to create processes that highlight problems, while simultaneously training and empowering their teams to solve them. They constantly research, develop, publish, and promote various aspects of Continuous Improvement while partnering with their clients, enabling them to implement sustainable improvements through their consulting, training and benchmarking activities and guiding them on their KAIZEN™ journey.

In the Chamber it will be represented by Frode Aasheim, Director.

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AmCham is a 'must-join' organization for any company of scope or international ambition.

Karlis Cerbulis, Senior Vice President of NCH Advisors, Inc.

Today is the key moment to demonstrate the values we share with AmCham and support like-minded businesses

Jekaterina Novicka, Partner of Business Development, Orients Audit & Finance