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Feb 06

Sunstar group is at the forefront of revolutionizing labor protection management in Latvia, placing a paramount emphasis on human well-being and simplifying compliance with regulations. Their approach is transformative, ensuring that labor protection is not only about adherence to rules but also about nurturing a positive and safe work environment.
Integrated Services for Comprehensive Protection
Sunstar group is a synergy of four interconnected services, designed to provide a holistic approach to occupational safety and health (OSH) management and workplace environment development.
•    Tailored OSH Management: At Sunstar, we specialize in crafting the most effective OSH management models and strategies for workplace environment development. Our goal is to create a safe, healthy, and productive workplace tailored to the unique needs of each company.
•    Full Outsourced Management: We offer comprehensive outsourced management of labor protection processes. Our support extends to the application of regulatory requirements, allowing businesses to choose the service volume that aligns best with their needs.
•    Well-being Focus: Understanding that labor protection is crucial for employee well-being, we go beyond physical health. Sunstar group is dedicated to developing and implementing the most suitable workplace environment plans, encompassing all aspects of employee well-being.
•    Embracing Novelty: Recognizing that work environments evolve faster than regulatory frameworks, our mission is to continuously seek innovative ways to manage health and safety challenges. We are committed to updating existing protocols and devising new, more effective strategies.
•    Proactive Leadership in Health and Safety: Our approach to health and safety is preventative. We believe in addressing potential issues before they arise. Our leadership involves analyzing incident causes and swiftly transferring valuable insights to other clients with similar workplace conditions, ensuring a safer environment for all.

In the Chamber it will be represented by Armands Kalniņš, CEO, and Mārtiņš Vanags, business partner.

For more information about Sunstar group please visit http://

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I would highly recommend membership to other professionals looking to expand their business connections.

Gundars Ziemanis, Latvia branch Country Manager, Siemens Healthineers

Roche Latvija is pleased to be part of the AmCham community.

Rauls Vēliņš, General Manager, Roche Latvija