Who is the most family friendly company?

Jun 10, 2016

On June 8, the Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia, in acknowledging the efforts to create a favourable work environment for employees and their families, awarded the title of a family-friendly business to a number of Latvian companies, granting them the certificate of recognition titled "A Family-friendly Business". Nordea received this award for the 6th consecutive year.

This year 24 Latvian companies in different sectors received the award, which is granted to employers with family-friendly operation policies and services. Among the most family-friendly companies Cemex, Nordea Bank and SEB bank were named.

This year, as in previous years, one of the key objectives set by Nordea is the personal and professional growth of its staff; and to foster such growth the Bank is encouraging its employees to take part in various training sessions, as well as in educational and creative workshops.

“Only a strong family and a strong team can accomplish great work and achieve excellent results, therefore families and our people are the most precious assets of Nordea paving the road to success. Our task is to help our employees to balance their professional and family life so that everyone feels motivated, energised and inspired to become even more efficient. Nordea continues to offer its staff training opportunities covering a wide range of sector-related topics, a stable and competitive remuneration, as well as a safe and pleasant work environment. The Bank also supports the involvement of its employees in various sports and recreation activities that improve and strengthen both mental and physical health. Finally, our duty is to ensure conditions where every employee, irrespective of his or her gender, would be able to improve and achieve the set career goals,” says Indra Rozenberga, Senior Human Resources Manager at Nordea.

The Family-friendly Business initiative in brief

To promote the strengthening of family values in society and improve a family-friendly living and working environment, the Ministry of Welfare carries out the assessment of companies and awards the best of them with the title of a family-friendly business. The main criteria are as follows: effective focus by the employer on reconciliation of work and family life of its staff by ensuring flexible working hours, health insurance at workplace, support for children and family events, as well as involvement in charity work. The title of a family-friendly business is granted to companies whose corporate policies promote a family-friendly living and work environment.

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