Tackling corruption strategically

Aug 12, 2022

2021 was another remarkable and demanding year for the Transparency International movement. As the pandemic continued to disrupt and reshape global affairs, their international secretariat, chapters and partners around the world adapted to new ways of working and persisted in the fight against corruption – from the grassroots level through to global, coordinated action.

This year TI:

  • edged closer to ending secretive corporate structures, everywhere
  • took the fight against corruption to the global stage, with two major firsts
  • exposed how corruption is crippling lifesaving COVID-19 responses
  • launched our 10-year strategy Holding Power to Account
  • made protecting anti-corruption activists a human rights priority
  • expanded the world’s largest survey on the impact of corruption in daily life

Transparency International’s 113 independent chapters and contacts around the world create and implement their own national strategies, but also join forces on critical issues to form the leading movement in the fight against corruption. This report showcases the work of the Transparency International Secretariat in 2021, which coordinates the broader movement worldwide, spearheads global and joint advocacy, gathers best practices, conducts world-class research, and provides financial and technical support to our chapters.

Read the entire report HERE

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