What is the state of American business?

Jan 12

In this year’s State of American Business keynote address, U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Suzanne P. Clark called for a commitment to an “Agenda for American Strength” that affirms America’s position as a global power for good and unleashes the innovating, problem-solving power of business to address society’s greatest challenges.

“Business is ready—we’re not waiting. We’re putting forward a plan, because that’s what business does...that’s why business works,” Clark said. “Today, the Chamber is calling for an ‘Agenda for American Strength.’ An agenda that will not only help us navigate the present moment but steer our country to the brighter, stronger future that we expect—and the next generation deserves.”

Clark warned against polarization and gridlock, and outlined how government can fulfill its role—”no more and no less”—to support business, improve citizens’ lives, and strengthen our country’s future. At that same time, she cautioned that government’s regulatory overreach harms innovation and limits economic growth.

If you missed the event or want to re-watch parts of it, the recordings are available HERE

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AmCham and PwC share the same values and targets to achieve socially.

Zlata Elksnina-Zascirinska, Country Managing Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers

We re-affirm our commitment to the values that AmCham stands for and that we share.

Kārlis Danēvičs, Board member, Head of Credits and Risk at SEB Banka