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Exploring Microsoft Innovation Center

Nov 09, 2017 from 19:00 till 21:00
University of Latvia and Microsoft Innovation Center (LUMIC), Kalpaka blvd. 4, Rīga (2nd floor).

Around 30 members had an opportunity to visit the Microsoft Innovation Center (LUMIC) for mothly Business After Hours kindly hosted by Microsoft Latvia. The event was opened by Toms Žunna, Partner Development Manager of Microsoft Latvia. LUMIC Engagement Manager Katrin Gulbis gave a short presentation about the center. Presentations of Microsoft Latvia partners ABS Software, Belam Business Solution and MIC were followed by traditional raffle and great networking.

In mid-September, attended by the President of Latvia, Raimonds Vējonis, an opening ceremony was held for the LUMIC - the first technological innovation platform of its kind in the region of Baltic countries and Northern Europe.

The Innovation Center works on two main directions - the implementation of innovative interdisciplinary IT projects with the focus on cloud computing technologies, internet of things and artificial intelligence solutions, and the popularization of IT education and support for preparing new specialists.

In this center IT companies Tilde and SQUALIO cloud consulting presented their pilot projects, created within the newly established partnership. Various virtual assistants of Tilde are already available for the users, for example, chat bot Laura, Lithuanian language teacher Teo and multiplication tables’ assistant for children Little Snail. Bots are using artificial intelligence technologies and recognize voice and written text. In the nearest future virtual assistants will make Latvian companies’ everyday life easier. Using the Internet of Transportation Things, SQUALIO cloud consulting developed a solution where meteorological radar’s data are connected with dynamic road signs, adjusting the road speed limit to weather conditions, for example, reducing it during heavy rain.

Mission of Innovation Center is to enable and promote digital transformation and development of innovative solutions in Latvia by establishing an open space where industry professionals, public sector representatives, students, researchers, entrepreneurs and Microsoft experts can engage and work together.

MIC helps industry professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, developers and IT professionals, students, pupils, and government decision makers who are willing to actively participate in the digital transformation process in Latvia and to equip themselves with skills and knowledge required in the digital age by creating a space where they have access to a range of technologies, workshops and events, and which enables development of innovative solutions.

Belam Business Solution
Employees are the core value of every company, and care for their development, motivation and qualifications is one of the key prerequisites for the company's successful growth. In small organizations, issues related to the growth and qualification of employees are most often addressed through simplified accounting systems, but as number of employees increases, managers have to face challenges such as: - precise, timely identification and development of competencies for the existing and new employees, attraction of motivation system to employees’ qualification, as well as fast and easy delivery of training and test content to structural units, project teams and workers

ABC Software
e-StepControl is a software used as a means of data security to identify any suspicious activity likely related to privileges violation that is carried out by an information system user or by some other person using stolen user account data. The suspicious activity is understood as the activities that were not typical to the particular user behaviour during the previous accesses to the information system.

E-StepControl is a solution that enables the information system manager to detect, for example, the events of user account data stealth and misuse by another person acting on behalf of the user without his/her knowledge, or the events of violation by the user of his/her privileges for any reason. The Software will be useful in the situations when it is necessary to provide a user with broad access to the data stored in the system in specific cases, but not continuously. The described situations are a challenge for any information system containing restricted data, and e-StepControl is a tool that will enable the information system manager to monitor the use of the accumulated data and be immediately informed about any suspicious activity.

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