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When curiosity meets knowledge

Aug 29, 2016 from 18:30 till 21:00
Dzirnavu street 67

On August 29 around 50 members and their kids visited Curiosity Center Zinoo for the first AmCham Family Business After Hours event. Both adults and kids had the opportunity to experience science wonders, explore and learn in a new and exciting way!

After short remarks by the President of AmCham Arnis Kakulis, the floor was given to Pauls Irbins, Member of the Board of “Latvijas zinātnes centru apvienība” to tell a bit about the history of Zinoo, their mission, projects and future plans. The official part was followed by a science show that involved and entertained both kids and adults. The rest of the event was well spent enjoying the many fun, surprising and educational interactive exhibits at the center.

About Zinoo

Curiosity center Zinoo Riga offers interactive exhibits based on the laws of physics, so that visitors can try different technologies and examine the laws of nature. Zinoo Riga is opened to everyone, especially for family with kids. Curiosity is the key to the knowledge. Knowledge explains the wonders.


Zinoo is open for new cooperations with other organizations and companies. Zinoo is developing exhibits, organizing events for children and adults, making TV show and thinking about how to promote curiosity in society.  

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Agne Stojakove, Market Vice President, Country Manager Strategic, Staffing Solutions International

AmCham is a 'must-join' organization for any company of scope or international ambition.

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