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Economic outlook: learning to live without inflation

Jan 16 from 18:30 till 21:00
Luminor Bank, Terbatas 4

On January 16, Luminor Bank invited members to the Business After Hours at their premises with an inspiring keynote presentation by Peteris Strautins, Chief Economist of Luminor Bank in Latvia, and a welcome speech by Kerli Vares, Head of Luminor Bank in Latvia/ Member of Management Board of Luminor Bank on the economic outlook for 2024.

Kerli Vares emphasized that looking back over the last years, we all have had to constantly adapt to new circumstances and unforeseen changes; therefore, retaining of stability has been the priority in this year. 

Peteris Strautins predicts that no new crisis is expected this year - there is currently no evidence of that. "This year, in general, almost everything will go for the better, just mostly very slowly. Annual average inflation will be close to zero, perhaps even slightly below it, and prices for goods will generally fall, while prices for services will rise. Since the majority of economically active people are wage earners, the forecast for changes in their well-being for the coming year is favorable, as nominal wage growth will be very similar to real growth. The expected decrease in Euribor interest rates, which has already started, also gives hope," says the Luminor economist.

To view the presentation of Peteris Strautins, Chief Economist of Luminor Bank in Latvia. 



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