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Legal aspects of remote work

Apr 08, 2020 from 15:00 till 15:45
In light of the current extraordinary circumstances, the Chamber announced new webinar series bringing experts from various fields to explore the most pressing challenges we are facing today.

On April 8, the Chamber held the first webinar in Connect with AmCham series with Ellex Klavins examining legal aspects of working from home. The goal of this webinar was to explain legal aspects of employing remote workers and implications for the employer. 

Iveta Ceple, Senior Counsel, M&A and Regulatory, Ellex Klavins explained that employers should organize work from home for their employees taking into account each enterprise's specific characteristics. The employer shall agree with the employee on how such work is organized, how the tools, for example, personal equipment and internet connection, necessary for fullfilment of work are provided. In some cases, employers should compensate some part of telecomunication expenses or such a necessary tool as a computer. Furthermore, it is considered as a non-taxable benefit. If the employment contracts currently in place provide for a possibilty to assign employees to work from home, an additional agreement is not necessary. Risk assessment also is important. The employee should cooperate and provide information to the employer for risk assessment. 
Watch the event below:
Speaker: Iveta Ceple, Senior Counsel, M&A and Regulatory, Ellex Klavins 

Iveta Ceple has a notable experience in advising local entities and foreign investors on various day-to-day corporate legal issues. She specializes in mergers & acquisitions, transfers of undertakings, employment law, contract law, administrative law and environmental law issues; as well as has considerable knowledge in various energy law issues and public procurement issues.

AmCham webinars are organized in order to provide relevant expert knowledge and share best practices between members in the context of circumstances resulting from the global pandemic. We encourage our members take part in these webinar series both as experts and participants. Let us know if you have a subject to present or discuss in the new series!

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