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Global Human Capital Talks: Latvia and Ukraine

Apr 01, 2021 from 12:00 till 13:00

AmCham Latvia had an opportunity to invite members to join a live online event Global Human Capital Talks that was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine jointly with Deloitte Ukraine.

In February 2021, AmCham Ukraine and Deloitte Ukraine launched series of events to discuss global trends in the human capital area given significant changes with work and workforce. This session was devoted to the topic of upskilling, main challenges for Latvian business in the area of human capital, and main human capital trends in 2021.

Liga Smildzina-Bertulsone, Executive Director, AmCham Latvia;
Renate Strazdina, Country Manager Baltics, Microsoft;
Zane Culkstena, CEO, ERDA.

Tetyana Prokopchuk, Vice President, AmCham Ukraine;
Olena Boichenko, Director, Human Capital Advisory Services, Deloitte Ukraine.

According to the speakers, professional development and retraining of employees are the tasks of the highest importance of companies and government. Their fulfillment will contribute to the competitive advantage of companies and social equality in the state.

Zane Culkstena shared information about the research carried out among Latvian export companies. The results of this research showed that in 5 years people management skills (leadership, coaching, and mentoring) and social skills (teamwork and collaboration, presentation skills) will remain relevant. Cognitive skills (critical thinking, comprehensive problem solving) and project management skills will gain more popularity.

Renāte Strazdiņa, Country Manager Baltics of Microsoft emphasized: “We need to boost a digital literacy for all groups of people. A broader scope of skills are needed - cyber security skills and many more. We also need to learn from the best, really good global curriculums are available for free. We can not assume that people will start upskilling themselves. Community and mentoring support should be provided. People should have a place where to practice their skills.” 

She also stressed the importance of the coordinated partnership of the public and private sector as well as partnerships with universities when preparing and offering upskilling programs.

Zane Culkstena, CEO of  ERDA, explained the importance of Human Capital: "New roles and new skills are developing as we speak. We are losing our precious time, therefore we should look at the global arena and take the best from it. Skilling for the future job is of utmost importance and companies should devote more investment to upskilling their employees. Besides, countries should invest more in lifelong learning programs."

She quoted Michael R. Bloomberg, an entrepreneur and three-term mayor of New York City: "Talent attracts capital more effectively than capital attracts talent."

Revisit the discussion HERE

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