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Conference: Toward Data-Driven Health

Nov 26 from 10:00 till 17:00
In cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Latvia, National Health Service of Latvia and AmCham Latvia a conference focusing on date-driven healthcare will be held.
Patients are the focal point of healthcare but they are not always provided with sufficient information, attention and compassion in the healthcare process. Healthcare systems are under constant pressure to efficiently manage access, quality and costs.
Technology and access to quality data can reshape the relationship between patients, healthcare providers and the healthcare system to meet the demand for personalized and outcome driven services.
To enable digital transformation and make effective use of data, many factors come into play including rights related to the collection, storage, use, re-use and international transfer of data. It is by no means an easy task and the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly identified bottlenecks in healthcare systems which could be alleviated by opening, sharing and using quality data.
The conference will embrace a discussion on the most pressing needs illuminated by the global pandemic, and focus on advancing data-driven healthcare. Progression will drive research and innovation and result in better quality of care for patients, increased efficiency and sustainability of healthcare systems.
We look forward to establishing recommendations for a health data strategy and data-driven decision making while raising awareness of the necessity to invest in digitalization of health data and the benefits to be achieved for all stakeholders.
The conference will welcome leaders from the public, private and NGO sectors.
Due to health and safety conditions the conference will be organized as a hybrid or moved entirely online, pending COVID-related restrictions.
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