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AmChams Pan-Baltic conference

Sep 15 - Sep 16

The annual Pan-Baltic AmCham Conference will be held on September 15-16 in Riga. This will be an excellent opportunity for AmCham members from all three Baltic countries to meet, learn, network and make new business contacts.

2022 has brought many challenges to the sense of security we take for granted. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has highlighted the significance of international cooperation and the NATO alliance. Elevated uncertainty and high geopolitical risks affect investor confidence from deterring new investments to limiting operations. In addition to security, labor force availability, energy, supply chain disruptions and inflation remain as top challenges businesses face today. For AmChams as representatives of American and international business it is of utmost importance to monitor and share the most up-to-date information to keep members abreast of the latest developments.

With that in mind, all three AmChams in the Baltics will host its next Pan-Baltic meeting in Riga, Latvia. This will be the 5th Pan-Baltic conference of AmChams and the first after the pandemic. This regional meeting is part of annual series of events embracing cooperation, communication, and exchange of best practices among AmCham members across the Baltic countries.

Topics to be addressed:

1) Defense and Security outlook for the Baltic states
2) Human capital development: Labor Force availability and Healthcare
3) Digital transformation and Cybersecurity

A detailed program will follow.

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AmCham is based on values and behaviors that enable its members to fulfill a common purpose - a sustainable and transparent business environment, and we are truly proud to be a part of this growing community.

Edgars Skvariks, Corporate Public Affairs Manager at Bayer

Being an AmCham member is a great opportunity of interacting with other members about business & market dynamics in Latvia and in all Baltic states. Looking forward to collectively supporting our future, particularly in the areas of talent sustainability and business progress.

Yesim Ozer, Market Director Mars Baltics