Pan-Baltic OSAC event: Border security and labor issues

Mar 08

AmChams in the Baltics in cooperation with the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) met for a webinar to discuss border security and labor issues. Representatives from all Baltic Immigration offices and industry representatives discussed opportunities, challenges and risks for recruiting talent from neighboring non-EU countries:

  • Harry Kattai, Advisor of Citizenship and Migration Policy Department, Ministry of Interior of Estonia
  • Ilze Briede, Head of Migration Division Department of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia 
  • Tanel Erm, Head of Microsoft Development, Center Estonia
  • Evelina Gudzinskaitė, Director, Migration Department of the Ministry of the, Interior of Lithuania
  • Martin Lään, Expat Relocation Estonia
  • Liga Paulina, Member of the Board, Dynatech
  • Bina Surati, Senior Europe analyst, OSAC in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security

Speakers touched upon the issues related to the entry and employment conditions for non-EU nationals as well as challenges and opportunities for attracting workers from outside of the EU. All of them pointed out that the current situation in Ukraine will change the labor market and will require certain amendments in legislation.

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Roche Latvija is pleased to be part of the AmCham community.

Rauls Vēliņš, General Manager, Roche Latvija

Being an AmCham member is a great opportunity of interacting with other members about business & market dynamics in Latvia and in all Baltic states. Looking forward to collectively supporting our future, particularly in the areas of talent sustainability and business progress.

Yesim Ozer, Market Director Mars Baltics