Shaping a creative future

Jun 13, 2023
Hotel Neiburgs, Jauniela 25/27

The Thought Leaders Series on June 13th encompassed an enlightening event featuring keynote speaker Dr. Frederik Pferdt. The primary focus of the event revolved around the pivotal role played by innovation and creativity in shaping the future, as Dr. Pferdt made references to his extensive background as a Google Innovation Evangelist and his educational contributions as a professor at Stanford University during the event. 

Unique insights were shared, such as incentivizing the release of antiquated ideas to foster collaboration in generating novel ones, embracing risk in pursuing innovation, and other related concepts. The event theme emphasized that although the future cannot be accurately foreseen, individuals can actively shape it by adhering to five fundamental principles: optimism, openness, curiosity, experimentation, and empathy. By internalizing these core principles, one can cultivate a state of preparedness to navigate the challenges of an uncertain future effectively.

About the Speaker: 

Dr. Frederik Pferdt served as Chief Innovator at Google and is currently Adjunct Professor at Stanford University. 
At Google, Dr. Pferdt led the growth of the company’s innovation culture and co-founded its first Innovation Laboratory, The Garage, helping leaders and teams across the organization solve challenges in new, unconventional ways.
As an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, he teaches graduate courses empowering students to invent cool things that make a difference.

Featured as the "Pope of Creativity" and "Dr. Innovation" in over two hundred international newspapers, magazines and documentaries like FastCompany, Inc. Magazine, Times Magazine, Harvard Business Manager, WirtschaftsWoche, El Tiempo, Business Today, FAZ, Asia Business Daily, Der Spiegel, Financial Times, Capital, Manager Magazine, brandeins, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Chosun Ilbo, The Telegraph, Arte TV, VOX TV and ARD.

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