Become a godparent of Support Center Dzeguzēns

Jul 29, 2016
The project "Support Center "Dzeguzēns"" (Cookoo's Child) was started in 2011 with the financial support of "Latvijas Valsts Meži". The premises of the center were refurbished and opened on 62 Pernavas street, near the Latvian Foster Family Association office.

The center was created to provide psychological and emotional support for both children being cared for and their families. Children who have lost care of their biological parents are quite often with low self-esteem. By organizing various activities for them the self-confidence of the kids and youth is being raised. Our aim is to ensure that they strengthen their shoulders and realize that they are not worse than their peers.

The collaboration skills and acquirements are being improved by support groups, creative activities, Christian classes, camps and other activities. Not only children but also their foster parents and guardians meet each other to share their experience and learn from each other. Many families admit that this is a nice meeting place for them to draw strength and persistence from, as well as opportunity to forget the daily troubles.

Project "Support Center "Dzeguzēns"" was successfully carried out in 2014. Currently financial support for "Support Center "Dzeguzēns" is needed to provide funding for basic needs and its maintenance.

We invite you to become a godparent of the Support Center "Dzeguzēns"! If you are willing to support it, please contact Managing Director of Latvian Foster Family Association Ilze Golvere by phone 26004103 or by e-mail

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