Cognizant keeps sustainability at forefront

Aug 24, 2023

Cognizant clients increasingly expect the company to know what climate change means and how they can help them in a way that supports their negative impact reduction goals. To raise Cognizant's associate business competencies and educate clients on the impact of the climate on the environment, society, and governance, a Climate Education challenge for employees was announced.  

The Climate Education Challenge is a gamified competition held amongst teams in the Baltics. Employees were divided into teams and invited to finish Cognizant’s created Great Climate System course, where the first team with the highest finish rate would be announced a winner. A certain non-monetary reward is planned for the winning team. The course provides a basic understanding of how the Earth’s climate works, the greenhouse effect, and the consequences of global warming. Employees also can deepen their knowledge by browsing the remaining models, which include more on the basics of climate change, in-depth learning about climate and biodiversity, and providing department-specific climate courses.

The challenge is still ongoing and the finish rate at the moment of preparing this article has reached 60%. Furthermore, the knowledge gained in this competition is being used in everyday work life.

On July 26, the Sustainability Magazine named Ravi Kumar, CEO of Cognizant one of the Top 10 CEOs in Sustainability. In January 2023, Ravi Kumar took the position of CEO and has led more than 350,000 associates across the world who are dedicated to living the company’s purpose. Prior to this role, Kumar was the Independent Director at TransUnion and is currently on the Board of Governors for the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

"With a belief that we are all in the golden era of technology where software is the new alchemy for every business and every Industry is a technology Industry, Cognizant’s purpose resonates with me," Kumar says. "I’m excited to come to work each day to collaborate with our teams to innovate for our clients, who are among the world’s largest enterprises and ensure their continuing relevance to their customers."

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