Transparency Watchdogs to increase intolerance against corruption

Aug 25

From September to December 2023 Delna is implementing a project "Transparency Watchdogs" to promote public awareness of how corruption and lack of transparency hinder the development of democracy and involve the public in demanding transparency and responsibility from decision-makers. As a result of the project, the regulation of anti-corruption and transparency in Latvia will be improved, the anti-corruption community in Latvia will be strengthened and the intolerance of various groups of society against corruption will be increased and the ability to take a strategic stand against it.


  • Promotion of transparency of lobbying in Latvia.
  • Informing different groups of society about the extent, forms and mitigation options of corruption.
  • Strengthening the capacity of national and regional level civil society organizations to qualitatively participate in decision-making processes and demand responsibility from decision-makers;
  • Coordination of work on anti-corruption draft laws and policy documents at the national level (e.g. KNAB Public Consultative Council, Saeima commissions), involving national and regional level organizations;
  • Ensure involvement of the deaf and Russian-speaking population of Latvia in public monitoring by creating special materials.
  • Organization of the trainings “Youth Delna”, education of young people about anti-corruption and maintaining communication with them, providing support, rising their motivation and involvement in practical anti-corruption activities.
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