Freedom of Flame inventors to help Ukraine

Feb 01

Karlis Cerbulis, Chairman of the Board of NCH Baltics is among the volunteers who invented the wood-gas stoves "Freedom Flame" with an aim to help Ukrainians. The volunteer battalion “Carpathian Sich” and other units on the Ukrainian front have started testing them in Ukraine.

The idea that the soldiers on the front would make good use of such stoves occurred to Kārlis Cerbulis. The oven has a double wall, smoke gases are burned and the flame is clean.

Karlis Cerbulis, an author of the idea of Freedom Flame, said: “The air comes from below to burn well, and the air comes hot along the edges, and comes to where the smoke gases are formed. It's called double burning, that's the principle. It's heavier, we have a thinner metal. But it can be produced more quickly. If there is demand in hundreds and thousands, then this is the path to go."

These cookers are also fit for civilians whose houses are shattered. Many are warming heat cooking on fires. With a cooker, in about nine minutes, a pot of water boils and it's possible to make both tea and soup. Inventors of Freedom Flame are looking forward to meeting entrepreneurs and look at production at self-cost.

He emphasized: “This is a continuation of Latvia's independence struggle. Ukrainians are fighting for us. We're one. We must not lose!"


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