Longer and healthier lives for society

Oct 02, 2019

At the beginning of October, AmCham launched a vision statement on Latvian healthcare focusing on ensuring better patient outcomes and longer life expectancy, which would result in an enriched and more productive society. Believing that healthier population and workforce drive the economic development, AmCham calls for predictable and smart policy improvements, inclusiveness of all stakeholders and evidence-based decision making.

Vision statement on Latvian healthcare along with two pilot projects (Oncology Data Registry and Towards sustainable risk-sharing solutions) are proposed by the AmCham Health Working Group with an aim to create more efficient, fair, inclusive and sustainable healthcare system that positively contributes to the development of the Latvian economy and society.

Today, the representatives of our Healthcare working group met with Ilze Vinkele, Minister of Health to present her with our vision statement and explore ways for possible cooperation. In a very open and productive conversation, members positively recognized the progress achieved towards improving the quality and efficiency of the healthcare system and extended support to the ongoing reforms in the sector. While AmCham strongly supports the necessity to increase healthcare financing, some other issues that need immediate attention include data availability, evidence-based decision making, improved quality of healthcare services and promoting closer cooperation among various stakeholders. We look forward to working closely with the Ministry and other stakeholders to implement the proposed projects and are ready to undertake new initiatives.

The AmCham Healthcare working group is an executive forum for companies organizations from across various healthcare industries bringing together international perspective aiming to improve the quality and access of healthcare. The working group aims at supporting healthcare policy improvements through an open dialogue with stakeholders and providing international perspective to promote efficiency and innovation in the healthcare system.

We would like to thank our working group members for their contribution!

Read the vision statement on Latvian healthcare
Read the pilot project on Oncology Data Registry
Read the pilot project Towards sustainable risk sharing solutions

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