Ports reform needed

Feb 01, 2012
On February 1, 2012 AmCham presented its proposals regarding the ports reform to the Economic Commission of the Saeima asking immediately to address the following:

  • Set clear mission and goals of port authorities
  • Increase transparency in decision-making
  • Ensure even competition with the private sector and provide that the cases between the private sector and Freeport Authority are reviewed in the Administrative court
Other proposals and comments brought to the Commission's attention were those of the Baltic Association of Transport and Logistics, the Foreign Investors Council in Latvia, the Latvian Transit Business Association and private investors.

The Commission agreed that there are significant problems in the way how ports are governed and called the Cabinet of Ministers to come up with their proposals until April 1, 2012 when the law on ports will be open for review in the Saeima.

The Commission asked the Minister of Transport to submit the proposals for improving ports operations until April instead of June, which was previously announced by the Ministry of Transportation.

Following the meeting, AmCham sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking to include the representatives of the foreign investor community in the working group of the Ministry of Transportation. AmCham also sent a press release about the letter to the the Prime Minister concerning the same issue on ports. To view the press release in Latvian click here.

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