Sustainable value creation

Mar 22, 2021

Swedbank has recently published the bank's Sustainability Report for 2020 with UN Sustainable Development Goals, Environment Impact, integrated Corporate Governance Report and many more. Find out more about Swedbank's sustainability approach here

In this Report the bank has prepared an overview of what has been done to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and their most significant investments in 2020. The bank has decided to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent by 2030.

Swedbank work actively to reduce the consumption of the Earth’s finite resources and to promote a stable climate and energy transformation. They report on a wide number of environmental key performance indicators (KPI´s) and have set ambitious targets to achieve this. Their main KPI´s to monitor our environmental impact are greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and business travel.

In Swedbank’s Annual and Sustainability Report 2020 the bank discloses detailed exposure towards climate risks in their lending and investments including specific sector splits according to the TCFD Recommendations.

The ambition of the Swedbank Group is to be one of the most sustainable financial sector companies in the world. Thus, they integrate sustainability into all their business processes and decisions. The bank aims to create a positive impact not only through their own activities but also through their customers and suppliers - by helping them make more sustainable decisions. 

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