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Aug 19

Currently Mission Possible is preparing for the new school year by offering innovative programs and solutions for Latvia's education system. One of such programs is called "Ready for Life" created 3 years ago alongside one of Mission Possible founders - Swedbank. The program is also supported by AmCham members Accenture and Luminor bank.

At the end of August Mission Possible will gather with their existing program participants - businesses, organizations and state institutions, to gain better understanding on the current challenges of the educational system and ways to make education become more accessible and up-to-date for every student in Latvia.

They are looking for new partners - private or state organizations that have intellectual resources and human capacity to create meaningful learning experiences for school children in Latvia. Your knowledge and field experience combined with Mission Possible pedagogical support and online platform can help students become "Ready for Life".

"Ready for Life" is a school program in which professionals from different industries help students better understand the connection between theory thought in school and professional life outside of school by offering free guest lectures, excursions, lesson materials, and other unique educational opportunities. Professionals sharing their knowledge and experience of their industry and the labor market, not only increase students' motivation and involvement in everyday learning but also contribute to the competitiveness and well-being of the younger generation in general.

If you would like to become a partner of this program please contact Ance Jaks, Head of Development of Mission Possible:, +371 2921-7196.

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