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SOLD OUT! Masterclass on Agile project and team management hosted by Accenture Latvia

Oct 30 from 16:30 till 18:30
Accenture new TEO office (Gustava Zemgala gatve 74)
How do you manage a team in a complex, rapidly changing environment with many unknowns and achieve great results? How does Agile differ from traditional project management? 

What types of projects can Agile be applied to?

We invite you to join a masterclass on the Agile project and the team management method “To change is to grow”

The masterclass will give insights into Agile and practical experience in working with methods which have helped produce innovations and valuable solutions for brands such as Spotify, Apple, SKY, Ericsson etc. The Agile masterclass will run for 2 hours and will provide an insight into the Agile way of thinking ad role playing using Agile, as well as giving the opportunity to ask questions. The masterclass will be led by Accenture Agile coach in Latvia Toms Rusovs. 

The following issues will be examined in the masterclass:
- The difference between various approaches to project management
- The core values of the "Agile manifesto" and the essence of Agile 
- Innovations and the significance of Agile for creating new products
- Ensuring team productivity, involvement and transparency
- The Scrum practical method process un and its steps
- The role of the team in Agile and their differences
- Agile at the planning level and combining it with everyday work

After the masterclass there will be an evening event with members of Accenture management, in which the company will share its experience in export markets and describe how Agile thinking has changed the everyday life of the firm.

Business After Hours hosted by Accenture

You are welcome to sign up for Business After Hours hosted by Accenture Latvia.
Please note that the event is open for AmCham members only! 
Online registration is no longer available. If you are interested in attending this event, please contact AmCham office (amcham@amcham.lv) and we will put your name on the wait list.
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Arnis Kākulis, AECOM Managing Director, Civil & Infrastructure, Baltic Region