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World IPR Day celebrates creativity

Apr 26, 2013 from 10:00 till 12:00

The Ministry of Justice, the US Embassy in Latvia together with AmCham, BSA, DAA and LaiPA hosted the Media Breakfast to mark the occasion of the World IPR Day on April 26. The event was devoted to IPR as a cross-industry issue that is crucial for Latvia's economic growth.

Highlights of the media breakfast included:

• Update on IPR situation in Latvia
• Creation of the Intellectual Property Office
• Increasing IPR education
• Strengthening IPR enforcement in Latvia
• DAA/BSA award was given to Legal Adviser on IPR of the Ministry of Culture, Rihards Gulbis

Panelists of the media breakfast were:

• Jānis Bordāns, Minister of Justice
• Rihards Kozlovskis, Minister of Interior
• Rihards Gulbis, Representative of the Ministry of Culture
• Ingrīda Veikša, BSA representative in Latvia
• Guntis Aboltins-Abolins, Chairman of the Management Board of Latvijas Balzams
• Elita Mīlgrāve, Chairwoman of the Board of MicRec
• Valdis Birkavs, DAA representative

The event was moderated by Ingrida Karina-Berzina, Representative of AmCham and Partner at Raidla Lejins & Norcous. "For the past several years AmCham and the US Embassy have brought together various experts to discuss intellectual property issues. This topic has lately become relevant to the Latvian government which is currently looking into establishing an Office of Intellectual Property to monitor all types of intellectual property - industrial property, such as inventions, trademarks and copyrights, such as music, art, literature, and software," she said.

According to Ambassador Pekala, IPR protection and enforcement spurs global economic growth and innovation. "It is key to our prosperity and that of our friends and allies around the world, including Latvia. It is central to our shared pursuit of better jobs, higher living standards, and upward mobility. For entrepreneurs, the confidence that the law will protect their creations stimulates ingenuity and risk-taking. Effective IPR encourages dreamers to dream, and modern economies are built on that innovation," said the Ambassador.

Media coverage:
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To view the video by TV3 on April 26, 2013

To view the article by Ministry of Culture on April 26, 2013

To view the article by Patent Office on April 26, 2013



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