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  • Dec 04

    AmCham calls for a focus on economic security

    On December 4, AmCham launched its recommendations calling to prioritize foreign direct investment and increase national competitiveness to ensure economic security and well-being. In a difficult geopolitical environment, Latvia's priorities are undoubtedly to increase investments in security and defense, however, ensuring economic security is equally important for Latvia’s national security and future economic growth. Maintaining existing and attracting new investments from key strategic partners such as the United States is essential, which is why AmCham continues to speak to a sustainable and transparent business environment and strong human capital.

  • Nov 29

    Corruption – a threat to national and global security

    Delna invites you to join an online conference "Corruption – a Threat to National and Global Security" on 8 December 2023, at 9:30 at Hotel Rīdzene. Latvia's results in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index fall significantly short of what was expected in Latvia's National Development Plan (to reach 64 points in 2024). Over the last six years, Latvia's indicator has improved only by 1 point, reaching 59 points. 

  • Nov 29

    Discussing human capital

    On November 29, the AmCham Labor Force work group met to discuss the recent conference on Human Capital, STEM education support activities, and the group’s priorities for 2024. The group also had an opportunity to learn more about Forte, a potential pilot project promoting digital skills as part of life-long learning. 

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