Past events

Countdown to the U.S. election with Fox’s Jon Decker
Oct 08 from 13:00 till 14:00

On October 8, members of all three AmChams in the Baltics had the exceptional opportunity to join a live conversation with White House Correspondent Mr. Jon Decker and to get an insider's look on the upcoming U.S. Election that will take place in 25 days. To view the presentation of John Decker

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Fairer taxes to make the country more competitive
Oct 06 from 08:00 till 09:30

Becoming more competitive in the region, making taxation fairer and less complicated have been the cornerstones of the proposed tax reform. Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Atis Zakatistovs explained the benefits of the upcoming changes in the taxation policy and the need to lessen existing tax regimes and generally focus on better expenditure management in the public sector.

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U.S. political landscape ahead of the presidential election
Oct 01 from 17:00 till 18:00

On October 1st, Pan-Baltic AmCham members had an opportunity to learn facts and figures about the upcoming and quite an unpredictable U.S. Presidential election race from the Pew Research Center expert Hannah Hartig and Director of Global Attitudes Research Richard Wike. To view the presentation of both speakers

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Meet AmCham
Sep 30 from 18:30 till 21:00

Our traditional Meet AmCham event is a fantastic opportunity for all members, old and new, to learn about benefits they are entitled to receive, explore diversity of AmCham programs and ways to promote their brands through AmCham channels. In addition, our new members had a chance to make their marketing pitches. The annual event included a networking session encouraging members to exchange views and propose how to cooperate with each other.

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The Leader's Guide to Cybersecurity
Sep 28 from 17:00 till 19:00

At a virtual event hosted by the Harvard Buiness Press Review cybersecurity expert and author Thomas J. Parenty presented a non-technical guide for companies to understand the main cybersecurity risks.

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AmCham Latvia is a very active Chamber and it is the right place for new business contacts.

Normunds Labrencis, Managing Director, Forum Cinemas