Past events

Tackling the Grey Economy in Latvia
Jan 18 from 14:00 till 17:00

70 members and guests attended the AmCham Outlook to discuss the shadow economy and its impact on Latvia’s business environment on January 18 at SSE Riga.

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AmCham Board meets to decide upon strategy of 2017
Jan 16 from 17:00 till 21:00

On January 16, Board and Staff attended semi-annual strategic meeting to decide upon AmCham key priority areas.

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The future development of the State Revenue Service
Jan 12 from 11:30 till 14:00

Ilze Cīrule, the new Director General of the State Revenue Service - gave an insight into the main principles of cooperation with customers and interested parties as well as the main areas of improvement during the first AmCham luncheon in of 2017.

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Joint Chamber Tourism Working Group meeting
Dec 15 from 11:00 till 12:00

25 Tourism Working Group members gathered at the Ministry of Economics to continue discussion about the strategy for Latvia's tourism development.

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AmCham members donate in a true Christmas spirit
Dec 06 from 18:30 till 21:00

On December 6, AmCham hosted its Annual Christmas Charity reception on the 27th floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija. The event was hosted by AmCham President Arnis Kakulis.

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AmCham is a 'must-join' organization for any company of scope or international ambition.

Karlis Cerbulis, Senior Vice President of NCH Advisors, Inc.