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  • Nov 12

    Spread the Christmas spirit!

    With Christmas time fast approaching, we would like to spread joy and kindness through giving back and paying it forward and invite our members, partners and friends to support the initiatives of three principal charities AmCham has been supporting for many years: Latvian Foster Family Association, RMHC Latvija Care Mobile and SOS Children's Villages.

  • Nov 08

    Truth, lies and the media

    AmCham hosted a discussion in Thought Leaders series with Ed Kemmick, an experienced U.S. media representative who shared some highlights from his long and successful career in printed publications to starting and managing online-only newspaper "Last Best News".

  • Nov 07

    Labor Force WG meeting

    Members of the Labor Force Working Group came together for the 5th meeting to discuss next steps addressing the growing need for qualified labor. Among possible solutions liberalizing immigration, supporting remigration and increasing good corporate culture between employers and employees were proposed. It was decided to explore conducting a survey among members on these important topics.

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Dace Silava-Tomsone, Managing Partner, COBALT