Our shared vision is longer and healthier lives for our society. Better patient outcomes are the ultimate goal of all involved parties.
Predictable and smart policy improvements, inclusiveness of all involved stakeholders and evidence-based decision making are the pillars for sustainable reforms in healthcare benefiting each member of the society, and ensuring an attractive business environment. 
Innovation in health technology – medicines, medical devices, diagnostic technologies, and increasingly, digital health – is transforming the way how healthcare systems are organized.
Healthier population and workforce drive the economic development of the country.
The AmCham Healthcare work group has developed a Vision statement on Latvian healthcare that was presented to the Minister of Health in October, 2019. The AmCham Healthcare work group has also come up with several proposals including specific pilot projects that could help address some of the identified issues aiming to create more efficient, fair, inclusive and sustainable healthcare system contributing to the development of the Latvian economy and society. 

Read full copies in English:
Vision statement on Latvian healthcare
Pilot Project on Oncology Data Registry
Pilot Project on Risk-Sharing Solutions

Read full copies in Latvian:

AmCham is a great place for networking, exchanging ideas and generating new business directions.

Peteris Kokovkins, Director of Baltic Technology Group