Our shared vision is longer and healthier lives for our society. Better patient outcomes are the ultimate goal of all involved parties.
Predictable and smart policy improvements, inclusiveness of all involved stakeholders and evidence-based decision-making are the pillars for sustainable reforms in healthcare benefiting each member of the society, and ensuring an attractive business environment. 
Innovation in health technology – medicines, medical devices, diagnostic technologies, and increasingly, digital health – is transforming the way how healthcare systems are organized.

A healthier population and workforce drive the economic development of the country.

In 2023, the AmCham Healthcare working group focused on the following topics:

- Digital Health Strategy and implementation
- Sustainable healthcare financing
- Value-based healthcare approach and value-based medical procurements
- Secondary health and social data legal framework

On March 21, AmCham met with Liga Mengelsone, Minister of Health to discuss healthcare issues, including proactively supporting healthcare and human capital policy improvements as the basis for further economic growth.

On November 1, AmCham together with the Saeima, Parliament of Latvia held a conference on Human Capital as key to Economic Growth to discuss how to promote investments in Latvia’s human capital in order to accelerate the growth of the national economy.

In 2022 AmCham held a series of events aimed at raising awareness of value-based procurement in Latvian hospitals. 

AmCham co-signed a memorandum to enhance the implementation of the digital health ecosystem in Latvia along with the Ministry of Health, National Health Service, and other organizations. To view the memorandum (in Latvian). 

On May 11, AmCham released a position on sustainable healthcare financing by proposing to align healthcare funding to the EU average to ensure improved patient care and introduce a value-based healthcare financing model and integrated healthcare approach. To view the position in Latvian and English.

On May 2, AmCham in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health of Riga Stradins University released a White paper on Value-based healthcare (VBHC). The launch event included the presentation of the document and a discussion among stakeholders. By summarizing best international practices and terminology, the White paper aims to improve the existing model of healthcare delivery and organization. View the executive summary in Latvian and English

On November 26, the Chamber held the second annual Health Data Summit Riga to support the digital transformation of healthcare in the benefit of a patient that was organized in close partnership with the Ministry of Health and National Health Service. The summit highlighted a myriad of inspirational health innovations and discussed ways to foster public-private partnerships that can enable the acceptance of digital solutions. To revisit the summit!

On October 7, AmCham released a position calling for sustainable investments in healthcare to ensure a healthy nation and economic growth. We propose to increase public funding for healthcare by considering linking the healthcare budget to the GDP growth as well as providing the necessary funding for the fight with oncological diseases. To view the position statement Latvian and the executive summary in English.

Based on our vision statement on Vision statement on Latvian healthcare, the Healthcare work group is focusing on carrying out five projects:

  • Oncology Data Registry;
  • Digital Health Strategy;
  • Legal Framework for Secondary Use of Health Data;
  • Health Data Summit;
  • Value-based healthcare approach.

On November 26, AmCham together with the Ministry of Health and the National Health Service held the first Health Data Summit Riga that raised the much-needed debate about data usage in healthcare. Thanks to the extensive inspiration and knowledge gained during the summit a roadmap for digital health strategy will be created. At the conference leading international experts highlighted the importance of data quality and explored ways to implement digital health data strategy in healthcare policymaking. Revisit the summit!

AmCham concluded an extensive study in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health, National Health Service and other stakeholders aiming at improving the Oncology Data Registry. On October 15, 2020 the results of the study were presented to the leaders of the sector, including the Minister of Health, chairs of major clinics and leading doctors. Among the proposals are improving the existing system so that data from clinics are automatically transferred to the national register PREDA, streamlining processes, improving content and ensuring data synchronization across different systems. The ultimate goal is to create a new oncology data entry process with an entirely new tool to ensure the input and use of meaningful, qualitative data that will improve patient outcomes,  and advance research and health policy planning. To view full list of recommendations (Latvian).

The AmCham Healthcare work group developed a Vision statement on Latvian healthcare that was presented to the Minister of Health in October. The AmCham Healthcare work group has also come up with several proposals including specific pilot projects that could help address some of the identified issues aiming to create a more efficient, fair, inclusive, and sustainable healthcare system contributing to the development of the Latvian economy and society. 


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