Improving the quality and access of healthcare and making Latvia a more attractive place for healthcare and life science companies to invest is closely linked and we, as AmCham, should explore ways how to help accomplish these higher-level goals. Members are working on several important improvements required in the Healthcare system of Latvia, including promoting efficiency, transparency and digitalization. 

The healthcare work group has developed a Vision statement on Latvian healthcare that would be presented to the Minister of Health on October 2nd 2019. The AmCham Healthcare group has come up with several proposals including specific pilot projects that could help address some of the identified issues aiming to create more efficient, fair, inclusive and sustainable health care system with improved healthcare outcomes contributing to the development of the Latvian economy and society.

The next work group meeting is scheduled for October 17 at AmCham Latvia office at 13:15.

Previous work group meetings were as follows:

AmCham Latvia is a very active Chamber and it is the right place for new business contacts.

Normunds Labrencis, Managing Director, Forum Cinemas