Improving the quality and access of healthcare and making Latvia a more attractive place for healthcare and life science companies to invest is closely linked and we, as AmCham, should explore ways how to help accomplish these higher-level goals. Members are working on several important improvements required in the Healthcare system of Latvia, including promoting efficiency, transparency and digitalization. 

Five projects to impement
Based on our vision statement on Vision statement on Latvian healthcare, this year the AmCham Healthcare work group is focusing on carrying out five projects:

  • Oncology Data Registry;
  • Digital Health Strategy;
  • Legal Framework for Secondary Use of Health Data;
  • Health Data Summit;
  • Value based healthcare approach.

Each of those projects is led by a smaller work group. Read more and sign up for projects

Recommendations to improve Oncology Data Registry
On October 15, AmCham has initiated, concluded and presented an extensive study to improve the Latvian Oncology Patient Registry in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health, National Health Service and Disease Control and Prevention Center.  The study was presented to the leaders of sector, including the Minister of Health, chairs of leading clinics and authorities, and leading doctors. Among the proposals are improving the existing system so that data from clinics are automatically transferred to national register PREDA. The next step is to streamline processes, including improving content and ensuring data synchronization across different systems. The ultimate goal is to create new oncology data entry process with an entirely new tool which would ensure the input and use of meaningful, qualitative data that will improve patient outcomes, advance research and health policy planning.

To view full list of recommendations (Latvian) 

Vision statement on Latvian healthcare
The AmCham Healthcare work group has developed a Vision statement on Latvian healthcare that was presented to the Minister of Health in October, 2019. The AmCham Healthcare work group has also come up with several proposals including specific pilot projects that could help address some of the identified issues aiming to create more efficient, fair, inclusive and sustainable healthcare system contributing to the development of the Latvian economy and society.




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