Latvian Foster Family Association

Community support is a very important aspect of AmCham`s CSR efforts. We are committed to serve and support the communities to which we belong, including the generous use of our time, expertise, financial and organizational resources. AmCham members and staff continue its commitment to CSR initiatives with a special focus on children and youth, education and health care.

Believing that children are our future, we support Latvian Foster Family Association, promoting social inclusion of orphans and children under the care of foster parents and guardians.

Latvian Foster Families Association (Latvijas Audžuģimeņu biedrība) is a non-governmental organization, founded in 1994 with the objective of promoting raising orphans or children left without parental care in a family environment. The Association is comprised of more 201 families with 356 children from different regions of Latvia.

Main activities of the society are as follows:

  • Promoting social inclusion of children and youth under the care of foster parents and guardians;
  • Providing social assistance to foster families and guardians;
  • Cooperating with the state, local authorities, NGOs and other international organizations;
  • Raising awareness about the importance of the work of foster families and guardians.

Ilze Golvere, Chair of the Board of the Latvian Foster Family Association says: "There are different paths of life and various opinions about guardians and children taken into foster care and their relationships. Often this decision is guided by emotions when someone cannot stay indifferent towards suffering, pain and helplessness of a child, when there is a wish to help and express consoling words. Children regain home, family and relatives who could be called their own. By undertaking care for children, one should always be ready to face difficulties - their sense of insecurity, lack of confidence, and the necessity to create a family environment and new relationships. Opening up children's hearts is a long-term, gradual process, healing with our sensitivity the wounds from their harsh experience. Years may be necessary for this."

Donation details:
Latvian Foster Family Association
Registration Nr.: 40008008996
Viršu iela 17-53, Rīga LV-1035
Bank: A/S Citadele bank
IBAN LV79PARX0000233751014

Contact Ilze Golvere, Chair of the Board of Latvian Foster Families Association to find out more about donation possibilities: Mob. +371 26004103,

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